Monday, November 24, 2008

When the big box is better

I want to support small business owners, truly I do.  I will go awfully far out of my way to purchase a product from an individual instead of a massive corporation.  I will put up with occasional inconveniences or shortages because in the long run, I believe it's worth it and the right thing to do.  But I have my limits.

If you truly want me as a customer, you're going to have to meet me at least part of the way.  I accept the fact that it costs you a bit more to get your product over to the island and this increases your overhead so when I buy it from you I may have to pay a little bit more. But not THAT much more.  I accept the fact that it is cheaper and easier for you to have your relatives mind the store instead of hiring and training someone properly so it may take a bit longer for my transaction to be processed. But not THAT much longer. I accept the fact that it is winter and with decreasing visitor traffic you will also cut back your schedule so that your store is open less hours.  But not THAT much less.

So tomorrow while I am on the mainland I will visit some of those big box stores that other folks take for granted.  I will walk in and pay a reasonable, real world price for my office supplies, clothes, yarn, food, whatever.  I expect that the stores will be clean, well-lit, and organized and if I cannot locate what I want, a helpful salesperson will direct me and answer any questions I might have about the product they are selling.  I am also sure that all of the stores I wish to visit will be open on a weekday between the hours of 10am and 5pm.  

You may think that I have high expectations, but truly -- I am an amazingly low maintenance customer. After ten years in this place I have learned to make do and do without so routinely it's a matter of habit. It actually doesn't take much to make me happy.  Like I said before, I'll do my part of keeping you in business -- you just gotta be willing to do yours.


undeadgoat said...

I wish the entire internet had an "agree" button, not just Ravelry.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Love your mini-me all packed and ready for the shopping trip. I hope it goes well for you. Let us know what you purchase. xxoo

Mia said...

souds like you better stock up while you're there!