Friday, December 26, 2008

Dreaming of a Wet Christmas?

Apparently this year I fell into the "nice" category, Christmas morning arrived and no lumps of coal were discovered in stockings, nor was there any sign of reindeer poop. (As for other animals, as usual around here.)

In fact, this year I truly scored, starting with a most marvelous set of Knitpicks cable needles, reported to be the bestest cable needles evah!  An item I could have used during the holiday stealth knitting (more on that another day) but will definitely be putting to use soon. To add more joy to my knitting experience I now have a brand new digital scale.  I'm sure some people use these for weighing food, or calculating postage, but in a knitter's mind this is for weighing yarn. This marvelous thing will help ensure that my skeins are evenly divided, tell me how much yarn I have left over, and how much yarn a project really used up. If there is any one knitting toy tool I could have asked for, this is it.  You can keep your ball winders, swifts, etc. I have my digital scale and life is good.

I also received a nifty device that when affixed properly to the outside of one of my windows, will tell me just how freakin' cold it really is out there. I have already decided to place it on a window by the head of my bed.  That way I can tell if it's even worth leaving the warmth of my bed, never mind leaving the house.  Sensible, eh?  And just in case I should be foolish enough to brave the cold of the living room outdoors, I have a nice new navy blue fleece pullover to use as one of my eleventy bajillion layers of clothing.  (Seriously - the "layered look"? I totally have it goin' on. High fashion baby!)

While others got a White Christmas, Southern California got a Wet Christmas, which along with high winds and swell, on my tiny island means that what little tourism traffic we might get on the holiday was nonexistent. I zipped across town early in the day to take care of my pet-sitting duties (or would that be doodies?) and observed a couple of restaurants open, always a liquor store, and a few bars, but other than that, the sidewalks were rolled up for the day.  Not a bad thing really.

Christmas day passed by quietly and pleasantly, watching tv and finishing the last of the holiday knitting projects, while kitties napped and a pot of beer & cheese soup simmered, and outdoors, rain fell periodically through the day.  At the end of the day, the soup was united with a fresh baked loaf of rye bread and a green salad to make one of the best Christmas dinners I can remember.

Hopefully this weekend I can deliver that last little holiday knit gift and finally share the details and photos of this year's holiday stealth knitting! As for now, I think the leftover soup is calling me...


KnittingBlueContent said...

Beer as soup? Please do tell!

Our "vacation destination" town was pretty empty too. Not good for the spreading of tourist dollars, but okay by me :grin:

Here's to next year's projects on those new Knit Picks needles!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

It's been more quiet here since the break-in on Christmas morning. Still don't have any phone service though.

Sounds like you're all prepared with the soup. Keep meaning to tell you that I loved your Christmas mini-me. You're so good at that. xxoo

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm so glad to hear that you made it onto the "nice" list. I would hate to have had to fly up to the North Pole to file a complaint on your behalf. That would be a long trip. But I'd do it for ya!

Pat said...

Happy knit picks cables- I love mine! Santa must think you are better than nice!

Anonymous said...

Beer and cheese soup? Really? I'm intrigued!

Sonia said...

Sounds like you made out very well this year! I've seen those knit picks cable needles in action and they seem very nice.