Sunday, December 21, 2008

I guess I just have to do it

So what I'm getting from the response to my last post is basically this...y'all really do wanna see me make an idjit of myself.  I shoulda known.  If there's anything that'll draw folks out more that a basket of kittens, it's that! Okay, well I've made an idiot of myself before when it was worth it. Life is just too short. And besides...if I do this and it works, I'm thinkin' you're going to try it too!

A few years ago a friend and co-worker was going through an excruciatingly bad time in her life - identity theft, a car accident, a horrible boss - the hits just kept on comin', one after another.  Prior to those days she was such a different person and as a former comedy writer, she knew how to find the humor in just about anything and kept everyone around her laughing.  But when things started to turn from bad to worse she had a hard time finding much to laugh at.  Except for every other Friday morning, when immediately after picking up my paycheck I would walk past the accounting department and around the corner into her office. Where I would then stand in front of her desk holding my paycheck in front of me and do a little booty-shakin' dance, chanting, "happy friday, happy friday". Every single payday, for at least a few months.  She called it the Happy Friday Payday Dance. I don't think there are any witnesses, but I never really cared.  Because THAT made her laugh!

So I probably will go ahead and give my "lino-innovation" (as Lisa coined it), a shot in a couple weeks.  Especially since my good friend D. was kind enough to volunteer to officially record this tomfoolery when she visits the island for New Year's.

D. is also my former downstairs neighbor, and the one who started my practice of stringing up lights along my balcony every year:

Aren't they pretty?

Amazing what you can do with icicle lights and zip ties!

But the most important part of the holiday decor? The absolute must-have, can't live without item?

Christmas Mousies!


Mia said...

Those are ADORABLE little Christmas mousies :)

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Oh my goodness ... too freakin' cute! I bet the kitty is going karate-cat all over those toys. :) xxoo

D said...

Prima and her Christmas Mousies, now that's another fine idea for a video posting. Our production schedule grows . . .

Logan said...

I tried to send you the video I have of me and my friend Amy cleaning my bathroom, but it was too big for Gmail. I'll yousendit to you next time I'm on my own computer. (There's no way I'm letting that thing anywhere near youtube.)