Saturday, January 31, 2009

Small lessons & great joy

So I lived.  Along the way I learned that there is a substantial difference between my body now and my body of ten years ago.  Apparently it's not enough to get this message from any passing mirror, I have to learn this particular lesson the painfully hard way.  I am willing to admit that the very sedentary lifestyle I've had for the past few years was a contributing factor but still...ouch. Just ouch.

I also experienced a great moment of joy when I discovered that the same quantity of boxes and miscellaneous bits of furniture that required two trips in someone else's truck, only required one in mine.  Sometime in the next few days I will be contacting a friend to say the words we all want to hear, "Yes, you were right..." followed by the info that while her truck is larger overall, mine does indeed have a longer bed with more capacity.  Cool beans. 

The reason this small fact caused such great excitement is that it meant I did not have to go back and move more boxes on the second day of my time on the mainland. As I was loading the boxes into my truck and we were strategizing how to maximize the capacity, it was at one point suggested that I might just have to return the next day for a couple of chairs.  I may not have said it aloud, but a voice inside my head said, "No freakin' way, those bastards are going if I gotta bungee them on top." Or something along those lines.

And to the woman in the red cardigan who stepped into the two feet of space between the edge of our pallet and the tailgate of my truck? I am not going to apologize for almost hitting you with a box.  I am guessing by your behavior that you are unfamiliar with freight and warehouse environments and simply do not know any better.  But you need to learn and hopefully that near miss was educational.

As you've figured out by now, I was genuinely wiped the next day and didn't accomplish much on the mainland before heading for home.  While talking to someone just before boarding the boat I admitted that even as extremely uninterested in sports as I am, I had managed to notice that there is some sort of major event taking place this weekend.  On Sunday, as a matter of fact.

But it wasn't until I woke up the next morning that I remembered the really important sports spectacular occurring on Sunday.  An absolute can't-miss, must-watch, showdown of the best & brightest - Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl V!  Seriously, when you compare a bunch of guys in padded uniforms and helmets to all those bright eyes and wagging tails, c'mon - how you could you pass that up?  And let's not forget the Kitty Half-time Show - truly, something for everyone! Where can you find better entertainment on a Sunday afternoon?


KnittingBlueContent said...

OMGOMGOMD! I forgot I had wanted to pimp the Puppy Bowl on my blog!

Thanks for getting the word out. I'll be sure and link to you when I write it up.

Is it not THE most adorable thing ever? So. Stink'n. Cute.

I think I found it the first year I watched the Super Bowl with The Mike. He went to bed (drunk!) when we got home from watching the game at a friend's house and I stumbled on it completely by accident.

The Game is always top priority for us so thankfully Animal Planet runs it like all day/night long.

The water bowl cam is my favorite, but seriously, I want to crawl into my screen and lay in the middle of all those dogs, LOL.

Glad to hear your (relatively) unscathed from the move. You show me someone who "loves" moving and I'll show you someone who's "not right in the head" :grin:

Mia said...

I know, right? I can't wait to see all the other "bowls" on today.. can't decide which one to watch, but it's definitely not gonna be the one with the boys running back and forth on a field :)

Sheepish Annie said...

Wait...there is some sports thing on today? I thought it was all marathon-type viewing on every channel. It does seem that most are running special salutes to certain series today. Who knew that there was something else on?

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Sorry ... don't watch sports and my TV will never get a sports channel, or so I used to tell ex-boyfriends. Wish I could get the puppy bowl though. That would be the only sport I would watch, like the International Dog Show. xxoo

Logan said...

I know nothing about football or any of the teams, but not watching the Superbowl is grounds for being disowned in my family. My mom is a big sports junkie. She watches the game every week and shouts things like "Nononononono...YES! YES! YES! NOOOO YOU BASTARDS!"