Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A wanderer returns

All in all I had a good holiday season this year, I've put off taking down my lights but I'll probably get to it this weekend.  Over New Year's I had friends visiting and I'll share more on that another day. But on the last day of 2008, there was one very special arrival...

My traveling scarf:

Can I just say - I LOVE this thing! I'd asked for blues, greens, purples - basically ocean colors - and every single knitter respected my wishes, kept their section of the scarf to a fairly even width, wove in their ends and wow, you should see some of the gorgeous stitch patterns and yarns used!

I still have to go through the little notebook that circulated along with the scarf, and match each knitter's notes with their section.  But along with the notebook, like a good little traveler my scarf brought home postcards and some pretty stitchmarkers for souvenirs also. Way to go scarfie!

I added the ending section to match the one I started with, but I still need to block the whole scarf and add fringe from the bits of extra yarn each knitter supplied at my request.  I'll get to that soon.  But I don't want to wait any longer to show this off.

Don't be fooled by this shot, the length is actually perfect:

If I don't want it hanging down, it wraps around nicely to keep my neck and shoulders warm:

I can even duck my face down inside to keep my poor little nose warm:

And obviously the warmth and coziness of this scarf is appreciated by other members of the family as well:


Participating in this Traveling Scarf Project was a very positive experience. Much of the credit for that goes to the other members of the group for their hard work and perseverance, and to our group moderator for keeping us all on track as the months rolled by. I won't do another one right away because I've got too many other things on my plate in the coming months. But I'd definitely do it again sometime in the future and encourage others to give it a try.

Whether you're a knitter or crocheter, beginner, intermediate, or experienced, there's a group for everyone.  Whether you are a smoker or not, have pets or don't, use only vegan yarns or love acrylic, there are others out there too and a potential group waiting. New groups seem to be constantly forming, my group was #9, I think they're up to group #50 by now. So if you're already on Ravelry, check it out! And if you knit, crochet, spin, dye, or do anything with fiber and you're not on Ravelry, well, why not? C'mon in and join the party! 


sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

Thanks for a great post and wonderful pictures. I am thrilled that you love your scarf!

Doulton / Natalie

Knit with it said...

That's awesome! I'm glad you had a lot of fun, and ended up with a great scarf after all was said and done. :D

KnittingBlueContent said...

I've been reading about this "traveling scarf" phenomenon over at Christi's blog (see link at bottom) but it didn't hit home until your post.

How. Cute. Is. That?!!

Not only are you sporting a functional knit when needed, it must be even more loved knowing the "making of" story behind it!

Oh, and LOVE the kitty-snuggle pic you included :giggle:

Turtlegirl76's blog -

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Your scarf is GREAT! It's so fun to see what the final product looks like after working on them early on! (Mspalmtree)

Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! The T-Scarf is excellent! Congratulations!

Sheepish Annie said...

That is a fabulous scarf! I don't normally do the groups, but how great is it that you can end up with such a wonderful gift from new friends?

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Love the pictures of you wearing the scarf. Love the scarf too. I think everyone did a very nice job of keeping to your color scheme. It looks so good wrapped around your shoulders like that. Great that it finally got there. Thanks for showing it to us. xxoo

Anna said...

oooh, i can see my wavy shell stitch pattern in purple! turned out gorgeous! ^_^

I, er....Hi. I'm Rayleen. said...

What a neat idea!