Monday, January 12, 2009

You know you want to!

As I understand it, all across the blogiverse today is considered annual Delurking Day!

I mean, it's not that I mind talking to myself, that's kinda the norm around here.  I can talk to the cats of course, but they aren't exactly sparkling conversationalists - know what I'm sayin? 

When I started this blog over a year ago I had no idea that anyone would ever leave a comment.  That's part of how I came up with the blog name. Not the most original I admit, but it meant something to me.  Basically - here I am, living on this tiny island, surrounded by people who know me but really don't know me. And there you all are...wayyyyyy.....out....there.  I figured I'd just be throwing out little slices of my life & times like messages in a bottle cast out on the ocean.  And maybe if I was lucky enough, someone would pick one up.

And then some people did.  Whether they responded to the knitting projects, stupid stories about my cats, or rants about islander life - I finally knew someone was listening and it gave me a reason to keep going. Since then I've made all sorts of new bloggy friends and have been blessed by their kindness, wit, and wisdom.

So even if you don't usually leave a comment, why not do it just this one time?  I know there are those who comment regularly and others who just do it occasionally when something sparks their interest, but I also know there are those who just cruise by silently.  I'm glad you're here, and I certainly hope you come back again!  But just for today, give a quick hello. If not here, then maybe somewhere else you've never commented before. You could make a much greater impact than you think!

Okay, enough with the insights and the nagging, how about we move on?  Here's what I have to offer...leave a comment and next time I will finally gather up, sort though, and post all the island images I've been meaning to share for the past couple weeks.  Like this one:

Now how's that for a deal?


D said...

Yeah, I lurk. Often . . . but here by, let it be known, I do enjoy your perspective and sense of humor. And the cute kitty pics are fun too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's beautiful where you live!

ajdury said...

Truth be told, I delurked several posts ago.

But I'm willing to show REALLY embarrassing pics of my husband in multiple poses with various cats around here (embarrassing for him - not me) in order to see more wonderful Island Life shots you have to share :grin:

Seriously though, I do love your posts. Not just the Avalon perspective, or the knitting perspective or even only the kitty perspective. All of it. What makes you YOU. I think you are very interesting to know.

Oh, and where's that video of you "cleaning" your kitchen linoleum to music? I'm still waiting for THAT gem :lmao:

Thanks for throwing out your "bottles" every few days.

Mizzle said...


I love reading your blog, because I've been to the island once during a vacation - it was awesome.

I don't usually feel like I have anything to say, so I lurk. :)

Mia said...

not a lurker - so hi! and yeah,by the look of that picture, there are some benefits to island living :)

Lisa said...

WELL.... I'm a day late but then I'm not really a lurker anyway. I like reading about Avalon and following your school progress and, of course, looking at your knitting. Oh, and your linoleum.

Ellen Bloom said...

Long-time commenter here! Oh yeah! More pictures of gorgeous Catalina Island. Thank you!

We visited the Island often when I was a child. My husband and I spent our honeymoon there too. It's always been one of my favorite SoCal places. I'd like to see a few pix of all that gorgeous Catalina tile! Hint, hint.

Carole said...

I read your amusing and interesting blog all the time,but seldom comment here. (I have commented on Ravelry.) So today I am delurking just for you.
Oh, I'm also waiting for the "the Cleaning of the Kitchen Linoleum" video:D lol

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm commenting, I'm commenting!!!!! Please, please, please show me pictures of a place not buried in snow and ice! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Your friend HH here. :) You know I love all your posts and have commented on almost every one. I may have missed one here or there. My bad! :) That picture is so beautiful it should be on a travel magazine cover. You sure know what appeals to everyone. xxoo

Pat said...

Can't wait to see more pictures of Catalina. I love to read your blog. Thumbs Up.

undeadgoat said...

I sort of accidentally lurk. I don't mean to, it just sort of . . . happens. Mostly because I read WAY too many knitting/craft blogs, and WAY too many blogs of other varieties, and process them all through one gigantic RSS aggregation of DOOM. But yeah, your blog is a place I get a bit lurky in. Because your entries are fun to read. You've actually had a personality in my head for a while, which a lot of blogs I follow don't really get . . . maybe it's the unusual living situation that does it for you?