Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I just love it when a plan comes together

Don't you?

Unlike last year, the weather was clear and dry as I drove out of L.A. and headed north on the Interstate. I stopped for a quick lunch at an IHOP near Bakersfield where I learned that today was National Pancake Day.  I had never heard of this before but I wholeheartedly approve of the concept and will note it on my calender for next year.  (I expect you will do the same, yes?)

Also unlike last year I'm using a rental car. I love my little truck, it made the round-trip to Stitches West 2008 and back without complaint and performed like a trouper.  But I just didn't feel right about attempting that again without giving it a little TLC from a qualified mechanic. And the past few months have just too busy to squeeze in that task. So my beloved grey truck stays home and instead I am driving this:

Yep, it's OhPleaseTicketMe Red.  Not what I would have preferred but I'll make the best of it. At least it'll be easy to find in parking lots!

I arrived in Coalinga at about 3pm and was mightily tempted to continue driving and make the most of the clear sunny skies.  I know I have an unfortunate tendency to try and be Superwoman, pushing myself harder and further than necessary. But this time I caught myself, and stuck with the plan. I checked into a Motel 6 and for an insanely low price got a bright, clean room with WiFi. After a break I cleaned up and went over to the Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant.

Obviously the Inn is a bit out of my budget, but I'd heard their store was worth checking out and they have a great restaurant.  How great is the restaurant?  So great that they actually have two separate restaurants, one for "family" dining and one that is 21 and up only. I'm betting you can figure out where I had dinner!  I ordered the "Smokey Blue Flatbread", which is like a personal sized pizza made on crispy flatbread, with barbecue smoked tri-tip, roasted tomato sauce, caramelized onions and gorgonzola cheese.  It was deelishus! (I may be tasting it for a while longer this evening but trust me - SO worth it.)

Even though my motel seems to have filled up quite a bit more since I arrived this afternoon, it's very quiet so now that I've got a full stomach I expect to have no trouble falling asleep. And tomorrow, I'll be back out on the road again.

Keep your fingers crossed for more good weather!


D said...

Whoo Hoo! That's one sporty ride! To quote one of my favorite LA DJs
"fly low and avoid the radar".
Travel safe chica . . .

Sheepish Annie said...

I wish I was right there in the passenger seat watching for speed traps for ya! It sounds like a wonderful trip...

Have I mentioned how much snow we have here? Or that I won't be able to go to Spa Knit and Spin this weekend? Or how much I'd like to be anywhere else right now as long as there is sun?

Keep posting so I can travel with you virtually!!!

Ellen Bloom said...

Yummmm....Harris Ranch. LOVE their burgers!

I'm so jealous that you are going to Stitches West. I haven't been in 2 years and I miss it. I'll be waiting anxiously for your blog updates!

Have a great time!