Thursday, February 26, 2009

Okay, you can stop now

I asked y'all to keep your finger crossed for good weather, and wow - did you ever come through for me!  I almost feel embarrassed wasting that kind of serious mojo for something so trivial as weather, shouldn't it go towards more important issues like curing cancer or improving the economy?

Other than a teeny tiny sprinkle the weather is holding just fine. So like I said, you can ease up now and uncross those fingers. You might need them for other tasks, such as I don't know...knitting?  And I will most likely need to call on you again for my drive home, so please rest for a few days.

Obviously with clear skies I made the last 150 miles of my trip in no time flat. I skipped breakfast and hit the road early too so I arrived even too early to check into my hotel.  With the help of Verizon's Navigator feature (more on that another time) I found a Coco's and then a Borders bookstore, which nicely took care of my late breakfast & time killing needs.  I don't know about you, but I can easily spend a couple hours inside either that store or a Barnes & Noble.  Considering where I live most of the books I've bought in the past ten years were through Amazon, and that's fine, their prices are excellent and I always take advantage of the free shipping offers. But just the sheer joy of being able to open and flip through a book, lots of books!

Later in the day I settled into my hotel room just fine, made a run out to a grocery store to load up on snacks & such, and then kicked back to relax for the evening. The view from here yesterday:

I actually like the sound of the traffic whooshing by, it's very restful.  If you've ever experienced the sounds of my neighborhood - golf cart engines grinding, people hollering out to each other, occasionally spanish music blasting or helicopters overhead or boat horns - you might understand why I feel that way.

I am in the same hotel as last year and I can't imagine being anywhere else.  I know there's a certain advantage to staying at the convention center hotel - proximity to activities and since it's one of the Big Name Hotels, you can reliably expect a certain level of comfort and amenities.  But I've come to learn that with many of these Big Name Hotels, even though you are already paying a high rate, they seem to nickel and dime you on many of the extras, charging for things like parking and WiFi.  Things that at my little slice of heaven a mile away from the convention center, I can have for free.

I don't just love my hotel for the free parking and WiFi. Or for the attractive, clean room with a little recliner chair and cable TV with HBO and the SciFi channel. Or for the mini-fridge and microwave. Or for the endless gallons of hot water and massaging shower head. Or for the balcony and corner of street view.

There is also this:

Yes, that is a hot, freshly-made waffle.  It is from the breakfast at my hotel. Available every morning.  And it is free. Can you beat that? I think not.

I realized at some point in planning this trip that although Stitches West actually starts this morning since I have no desire to attend the opening day speechmaking and luncheon, and I don't have a class til tomorrow, I don't actually have any reason to head over to the convention center until much later today, maybe 4:00pm or so.  That would give me plenty of time to pick up my registration packet and then attend the Market Preview starting at 5:00pm.

So I think I'm going to spend at least some of this day being...get this...a tourist. Yeah, me. For a change.  I've a few ideas, but nothing definite. I'm going to hop in the my little red ride and see what I find - I'll let you know how it turns out!


Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! Your hotel sounds great. Both of the times I've attend SW, I've stayed right at the hotel at the Convention Center. You are so right about the price gouging! Also, the food in the restaurant isn't that great and it's really expensive.

So, where are you staying?

Knit with it said...

YAY YOU'RE HERE! Bouncing in excitement now. :)

Mia said...

you're making me want to be brave and go on a little adventure. I never have done that by myself before, but you make it seem like fun. That might be just what I need.