Saturday, April 11, 2009

At least I get candy

Today's Saturday Sky:

I haven't done that in a while have I? I admit, that's not the only area of blog slippage - I think this blog used to have knitting content, and then there's the matter of that pesky little ABC-along.  I know I last posted a B for Buffalo, but in recent weeks my focus has been so limited that I'm afraid the best I could have come up with was C for Carpet, D for Drywall, E for Electrical and F for...well, after all that I think you know what F would stand for.  I'm sure I can do better than that though, and if you cut me a little more slack I'll get caught up soon.

Speaking of the F-word and other similar gems, tomorrow is Easter.  Yes, actually that is a perfectly reasonable transition.  As I explained last year, Avalon has a tradition that has led to Easter being one of my least favorite holidays.  Every time I think, "okay, that's it - next year I'll plan ahead and avoid this crap".  And then it rolls around again and here I am, the night before Easter, sitting on my couch and knowing exactly what tomorrow will bring.

At this point, Easter has but one thing to recommend itself as a holiday, and that would be of course...candy!  I was in the grocery store today and noticed that for once, they'd gotten a jump start on things so instead of waiting til Monday, I was able to purchase my half-price Easter candy today.  I searched the shelves for peanut butter eggs and was sadly disappointed.  I don't know for sure that there IS such a thing as peanut butter eggs, but shouldn't there be? 

But buried behind the traditional chocolate bunnies and jelly beans I found this:

(Hand inserted for scale. Please note "King Size" = palm size!) 

Okay, so if I can't have peanut butter, I'll settle for mallow.  That's acceptable. Perhaps having one of those with my morning coffee tomorrow will make things better.  Anyone wanna join me for marshmallow eggs at dawn?


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm, marshmallow & chocolate! Fabulous.

Can I guess what F is for and get extra points? ;)

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Happy Easter my friend! Thanks for sharing the sky view from your way.

Yes! Marshmallow eggs and marshmallow chicks ... my favs! What is it about coating the mallow with chocolate or sugar that makes them more delectable than just eating them out of a bag? xxoo

Sheepish Annie said...

I don't think I could stomach a marshmallow egg. I ate a 6 pack of the peanut butter ones yesterday. I'm kind of full...

I'll still be stocking up all week. I'm on vacation come Friday and I need my half-priced candy stash!!!!!

Mia said...

at least you got CANDY. i'm gonna have to go out this morning and forage.

Pat said...

No one, well almost no one, is blogging much at the moment. It must be spring.
Maybe the local retailer needs an import license to get peanut butter eggs there? ;-)