Thursday, April 16, 2009

I feel shabby

*I feel shabby
Oh so shabby
I feel shabby and dingy and frayed.
And I'm crabby,
'Cause my clothes need a serious upgrade.

(*sung to the tune of I Feel Pretty from West Side Story)

After the relief of receiving the census job offer and the initial thrill at the prospect of actually having some kind of income again wore off, I realized that this also meant I might need to make myself presentable for as much as five consecutive days. And that could be a bit of a challenge. Spending so many months on end in the company of my laptop, a stack of textbooks, and my cats really didn't do anything for my wardrobe!

In general, island life is much more casual than on the mainland. For example -  you're not likely to see a guy in a suit and tie unless he's being married or buried, and even then he's going to be the only one so dressed at that event, the guests certainly won't be. People do dress down here but still, I  suspect that my usual outfit of scuffed clogs, threadbare jeans, and a tee shirt with a few kitty claw holes just isn't going to cut it.

I'm sure I must have decent clothes buried somewhere in the back of my closet, probably hiding behind the hoodies and pajama pants.  After all, I spent years showing up to work in an office environment and managed to look acceptable. It shouldn't be that freaking hard. I'll figure it out next week - more important stuff to focus on this weekend. Like a field trip!


Anonymous said...

What a great field trip! Very cool. Maybe you could work in a little shopping for a couple of new items to help re-energize your currently closes?!?!?!?!?! Just a thought.

Oh, and thanks for putting that song in my head. Why am I hearing it being sung by Madeline Kahn though? Weird.

Mia said...

I so hear ya girl.. but i reallly hate shopping for clothes. i can't understand WHY we can't just wear jeans to work. ::sigh::

LOVED that little song.. gonna be hummin' it all day now :)

oh so shabby... la, la, la

Logan said...

This is my biggest fear about having to find a job that isn't at a pool or day camp.

Pat said...

Yeah! new clothes! Have fun but pay no attention to the salesclerk who wants to sell you a pink power suit.