Friday, May 8, 2009

Rav swag at last

For months now, I've been stalking the store at Ravelry, waiting for them to come up with something that was right for me.  

At this point in my life I apparently have eleventy-jillion tee shirts with promoting various non-profits and corporate events. Plus while some of the businesses here simply ask their employees not to wear logo merchandise from a competitor, others frown on any logos other than their own. So with my limited budget and uncertain job future, I just couldn't rationalize buying yet another shirt that I can't really wear for anything other than exercising, cleaning, or just hanging out at home. (Obviously that last one happens the most.)

And then the folks at Ravelry came up with this:

Wheeee!!!! Isn't it cute? The first version they put up for sale featured a plunging neckline and was made of what I'd consider to be tissue-paper thin fabric.  Both of those are not on my list of clothing preferences so I was initially disappointed. But then they announced that the design would also be made available on a Hanes women's v-neck shirt.  I think the point of that is to make it possible for larger ladies, but if you are a smaller person who prefers a more modest neckline and clothing that you can't see through - this is perfect.

And the logo?  It's back there:

Up high on the back, where my hair easily covers it. So essentially it's a nice white tee with a dark reddish pink graphic on the front that I could wear just about anywhere. (Yes, I'd put my hair up if I was meeting up with other knitters!) It's a perfect fit and it makes me very happy!

You know what else makes me happy?


Doesn't that make you smile?


Anonymous said...

Love the shirt. Very nice and understated.

The video is incredible! The hubby is now whistling the song in the kitchen and probably doesn't even realize why. LOL.

Pat said...

I haven't really looked much at the Ravelry merchandise because I don't like wearing logo tees either- but that one's really cute.
abd the video cheered me up

Wool Enough said...

The shirt is perfect -- really cute. And I LOVE the video. Wish something like that could happen in airports; it would certainly ease the travel tension.

Mia said...

Love that shirt!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

You look wonderful in that shirt! How pretty is that logo? And girl, you find the nicest videos for us to watch. I am always impressed, my friend. Thanks for making me smile. xxoo

Logan said...

Cute! I'm not buying any more tee shirts dresser is way overloaded and I can't get rid of any because some of them look good on me and some don't, but I have an emotional attachment to the most hideous of them, and there's no sense in tossing the ones I should actually be wearing...yeah.

Flash mobs are so cool. Look for Frozen New York on youtube. I was there for that (not participating, just wandering through at the right time) but I can't find myself on the video.

Sheepish Annie said...

Love that video! Especially the part where the guy walks through dragging his suitcase...

Off to Ravelry to scope out t-shirts now!

D said...

I just want to know how you took that picture from that angle in your kitchen? Huh? Very cute tho, I must say.