Thursday, August 27, 2009

This little piggy went to market

One lesson I've learned is to take better care of myself. I've spent way too much time sacrificing my own health in favor of a demanding job or some other stressful situation, ignoring my own needs and paying the price for it later. To that end, I am trying to sleep more, drink a lot of water or juice, and eat better.

Over the past few months I've watched and been somewhat inspired by someone else's regular acquisitions of produce at farmer's market.  My tiny town does have it's own little farmer's market, not of foodstuffs grown on the island, but nearby on the mainland and brought over once a week. You can watch a video and check it out for yourself here.

Unfortunately, the farmer's market takes place on Wednesday mornings and with my work schedule any additional activities can be somewhat.....errrr....challenging. But this week fortune smiled upon me (and the tourist season is winding down) so I was finally able put thought into action.

I too, at long last, Visited The Veggies.

From left to right we have green beans, carrots, and corn.  Yes, I do realize that only 1 of my 3 purchases is a green veg.  But they are all veggies and I do not believe in discrimination on the basis of color, that would be wrong. Now you will want to know what I am going to cook with these.

COOK??? Are you crazed?  Look at my poor weather girl:

She may look to you like she's smiling but trust me, that is a sweat-drenched grimace. Because it is too late in the evening to still be this hot. I am sweating like a pig and there is absolutely no way I'm turning on a stovetop or oven.

I'm sure the green beans and corn can be microwaved (if I turn off the fan to avoid blowing a fuse) sometime in the next few days. And the carrots can be eaten raw with a nice big side of ranch dip! 'Cause that's healthy, right?


Anonymous said...

Well it's COLD here today and that corn sure is sounding good! I don't think I've had an ear of sweet corn yet this year? I'm gonna have to get on that :)


Wool Enough said...

If you husk an ear of corn, pop it into the microwave for about a minute, then let it sit in there for another minute, it should be perfect.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost positive that ranch dip counts as a dairy selection, right?

Logan said...

Corn is not food! Go eat some broccoli.

Sheepish Annie said...

I missed my Wednesday trip this week. And it was pouring today so I didn't go this morning either. I'm glad that someone made it so that the vegetables know we all still care!

Good looking veggie haul!

Pat said...

Good for you eating better.
I frequently slice the uncooked corn into pasta or a salad- it's really quite tasty and edible. It's also good in a salad with black beans, green onions, jicama, and cider vinegar.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I am in the same fix you are. If I run the microwave or toaster I have to turn off the a/c first. If I don't I blow the whole line from the bathroom into the bedroom an on into the kitchen. Figured that out when I heard the first 'pop' in the breaker. Yike! That's why I don't each much warm food during the Summer unless it can be cooked on the stove, and even then it can't take too long or the whole front room gets hot. Then again, I can always do take-out, but who wants to wait in a hot carryout for their food to be ready? Yes, tried calling ahead, but it's either not done or turning cold by the time I get it. That's why I can't wait for colder weather to get here so I can crank the crockpot. Did you know I have a new link in my favorites? A Year of Slow Cooking? I remember you wanted more slow cooker recipes ... this might just be what we were looking for. xxoo