Thursday, September 24, 2009

Festival of Art '09

I got so caught up in other things I forgot to mention something...

Last weekend was the Catalina Festival of Art! Between work, school, and various other unpleasant time sucks I didn't really get to enjoy it as much as I have in past years.  I did notice that instead of the pegboard & post contraptions usually set up with tables for the booth space, this year each booth was supplied with a nice white shade canopy and a sort of coated metal gridwork to hang things on the back wall of their space, along with the usual large table and metal folding chair. I'm guessing it made a positive difference for the artists, but I'm quite sure it made a tremendous impact on the overall look of the event. 

And you can see an overhead shot on the Art Association's home page here. (Not sure how long that linky will last!)

So, in no particular order, a few of my favorites:

Xavier's pottery, all gorgeous but I really love the mugs.

Oddly pretty and very delicately detailed bug watercolors, I have a friend who would probably love these.

Lorenzo's mosaics, the framed mirrors are nice but the pieced together images of the casino and the island are really clever and special.

Fused glass plates, sparkling in the sun - so pretty & so impractical!

Lastly, the art of Ed Arnold:

I like that he uses recycled materials - discarded bits of wood and mis-mixed house paint. 

Other than that, I don't know what it is about his creations that appeals to me but you can read more about the artist and a show he had last year here and see much more of his work here.

Someday, when I can afford it, I'd like to do more to support independent small artists. But for now - this will have to do! 


Michelle said...

This looks really cool! I want to come out next year for it. Maybe we can do lunch?

Sheepish Annie said...

I love the local art shows, but don't often remember to get there and support the artists. I love the look of the tables and I'll bet that having a canopy was nice for the folks who had to sit out there all day in the sun.

Thanks for sharing the pix!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

How do you not spend all your free time on the beach? That overhead shot was spectacular! I loved the mugs too. Thanks for sharing. xxoo