Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sad socks in the spring

Do you remember these?

I made them almost 2 years ago, using Duet Sock Yarn from A Swell Yarn Shop, and the Waffle Rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. I loved them madly and the pattern was a great match for the yarn. I may knit that pattern again but I will never, NEVER, use that yarn again.

The idea behind Duet yarn is great - a skein of variegated sock yarn sold with a contrasting mini-skein for the cuff, heel, and toe. The yarn was lovely to knit with, and the finished item was soft and comfortable.

But the first time I washed the socks, the yarn bled. As it did the second time, and the third, and the fourth, and the fifth, and...oh dear gods how it bled. Each time, the dark brown overdyed the bright white and green more and more, washing them out to a dull beige. Now, almost two years later, this is what I have:

And just in case you think this is a trick of the light, let me show you the hard evidence:

You can see it now, can't you? Those two little balls of yarn are the leftovers from my once happy, pretty socks, now sad and murky.

Do not speak to me of vinegar rinses, Shout Color Catchers, and other remedies - I have tried them all. I gave up after the first year, there is nothing more to be done. I wear the socks because they are comfortable, and then wash them as I do all the others.

The lesson I have learned from this? (Besides not using that yarn ever again.) In the future should I ever want to do any colorwork at all, no matter how minor, I will swatch the two yarns together and wash the swatch.  Possibly a few times.


Mia said...

oh wow! That's amazing! You should send that pic to the company - if it still exists? But at least you like them an they're so comfy they've gotten worn down to that color :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! That's just heartbreaking. All that lovely fun greenness (word?) just washed away. Criminal.

Lisa said...

that is very sad. a dim dull reflection of their former glory - but at least they are still holding together after two years - that has to be worth something. however in future i think you should stick to hazelknits :o)

=Tamar said...

That doesn't look overdyed by the brown; it looks like the green washed out. Either way, it's a disappointment and washing the swatch is a good rule.

Sheepish Annie said...

That is just a sad, sad sight. Poor socks! I'm glad they're still getting some wear, but it's so very wrong for a yarn to lose its color like that!

Anonymous said...

Well it's different...but not hideous.

Pat said...

I always think I'm going to do a proper swatch and wash it and block it but then the thrill of actually starting a new project gets to me and all my good intentions get shoved aside.

AmyPinSeattle said...

I must say I'm shocked about Angi's yarn! I've never had ANY problems with it bleeding/fading/staying true. I know quite a few people that use it too with no problems.

Seattle Amy

Angela said...

OH Dear! I am Angela, creator of the Duet Yarn!!!
Without knowing how you might be washing the socks I can't begin guessing what may have gone wrong, however I do know two things for sure...
1) I had saved a skein of this exact color way for myself at the time I made it. It too ran & faded. IT WAS THE ONLY COLORWAY THAT HAS EVER DONE THIS TO ME.

2) What I think happend is...This is when I first began making the yarns. The product formulas must have changed in what I use to dye the yarn because I have never run into this issue again (I have dozens of pairs of socks). I wash in standard detergents (totally not encouraged), I wash with my regular laundry (I really should be nicer to them), I wash with my towels (at least I turn them inside out), I treat my socks as rough as I can to see if this problem ever happens again...it has not.

I encourage you to give the Duet Yarn another try! I happen to think these are the comfiest socks EVER compared to any other yarn and would hate to see a pair of feet deprived of the soft squooshiness...but I realize I might be a bit bias :) If you send me your e-mail address through the website e-mail www.aswellyarnshop.com I will send you a coupon code to try another skein for free.

If you do try another skein, I would definitely suggest treating your socks with far more TLC than I do and remember deep, rich colors may still have some color to rinse out, but bleeding should not be something you run into again!

Happy knitting!!! ~Angela