Thursday, October 4, 2007

Morning meditation & knitting boo-boos

I was reminded today that I haven't posted in a while. I've been spending all my time reading other blogs instead paying attention to my own. And reading other blogs can be interesting, entertaining, inspiring - but also sometimes a bit intimidating! I mean you popular people with your clever commentary on life and the world in general - how do I measure up to you? But then I realized that the popular folks have their own problems. With 100+ commenters every day and a few hundred lurkers - well, no pressure there - right?

As far as I know, only my immediate family and possibly a couple of close friends ever read this - so if on my less-than-brilliant days I just blather on about my latest knitting projects, show pictures of my cats, whatever - well, that's just going to have to be enough.

Anyway, I like to start my mornings by spending at least 15-30 minutes quietly sipping coffee and knitting. This gives me a chance to get properly caffeinated and come to complete wakefulness (a critical issue for those who know me well) and I generally find that while my hands are moving, my mind is also, and usually in positive directions. My version of morning meditation I suppose. This practice occurred even during my working days even when if I had a choice between skipping my "morning mediation" and being a tad late to work - I was late. Over time I had found that skipping that time to myself did not make me happy, I really needed that quiet time before launching fully into the day at my best.

Of course the knitting done during this time had to fulfill two important qualities - 1) it was "home" knitting because it was too large to be traveling around town or even overtown with me, and 2) it had to be very simple, no pattern reading required, increases, decreases, simple garter stitch was best. For a long (long, long, long, long,) time the morning mediation project was a pale pink baby blanket. Of course the reason it dragged on and on was because I only did a row or two at a time, but the frequency increased when I stopped working and finally it was done.

All that's left to do now is add a little tag and deliver it to PLAY Preschool for their November charity auction. (You didn't think I was actually knitting that for someone I knew did you? I did say it took a long, long, long, long time. Longer that it would have taken for someone to carry a baby girl to term!)

With a need for a morning knitting project I went digging thru my UFO's and came up with this:

Lion's Incredible Racer Bank Tank, and although you can't see the back in their photo, it's really cute and the kind of thing that someone like me can wear easily. However, that means that one is knitting something with a pattern, while drinking coffee, and that one is not completely caffeinated while (trying) to interpret the pattern. The consequences are that one's knitting may indeed fall down and go boom. (Uhhhhh...when it said "end on WS row"? WS stands for Wrong Side, doesn't it?) Whoops.

Whenever this happens I have a tendency to wimp out and go see the Knitting Doctor, (AKA - "Mom"). But I know she won't always be so readily available to doctor all my knitting boo-boos. So I decided to be brave and see if I could pick it up, dust it off, apply bactine, and a band-aid and make it all better. While Lion's Incredible ribbon yarn isn't the easiest to knit with, it is easy to see your stitches. So I ran a safety line through the stitches a few rows below the mistake/boo-boo :

And then ripped back to it, ran the needle back in, and all better! Minus two inches of course. *sigh*

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