Friday, November 2, 2007

Knitting news and nattering

In knitting news, I've started another hat:

I'm using the same pattern as the yellow hat(which I happen to be wearing right now - very fetching with my striped jammies) but I think before I start the ribbing I might try decreasing by a few more stitches than last time, just to make it a little more snug on my pointy little head.

It looks like my pattern for this hat might be going into a book someone is putting together right now. Which means that I have to come up with a name for it, something a tad more interesting than The-Perfect-Roll-Brim-Hat-To-Fit-My-Pointy-Little-Head. I've got one in mind that'll do, but it ain't fabulous so I'm open to suggestions. Anyone???

I also have to come up with some sort of little bio and intro/funny anecdote for this pattern and that has me really perplexed. I think if I just sit down and focus I can come up with the bio, but the rest? I'm stumped. Open to suggestions on that too!

The scarf I started to match the yellow hat is coming along nicely - I work on it periodically when it just happens to be closer to hand, or when the hat of the moment has transitioned to dpn's, because I'm still not adept at those to stuff them in my back pack and take 'em to go. And I am not foolish enough to leave the house without knitting.

I was reading the Yarn Harlot's post today and when someone asked how she was able to get so much knitting done she mentioned that she knits while she walks. Which is an interesting idea - and I'm wondering how many other people do that? And how? It just seems a tad tricky to me. I have knit while standing in line at the bank - but you couldn't really compare that to walking, as there really wasn't any forward movement. (I do mean that.) I've been thinking about how to get more knitting done, but I'm not sure that's the answer for me.

I have no issues whatsoever about knitting in public - anytime, anywhere. I have noticed that people with me occasionally have issues. I had one friend who started to flip out the first time I turned up to meet her at a local bar and had my knitting with me (she recognized the bag I often use). She said, "you can't knit in a BAR!" To which I calmly replied, "why not?" I also pointed out that knitting has the ability to both entertain and calm me (although not always at the same time) and that as a smoker she periodically had to step outside to indulge in the habit that calms her, leaving me to entertain myself! She eventually got over it, got used to it, and even the bartender would occasionally check to see what I was working on. (Side note here: this all took place during the ever so memorable Knitting Olympics and nuthin' stopped me from knitting in those weeks. And yes, I took a gold medal.)

Last summer I was listening to a band on the outside patio of a local restaurant with a group of friends. I was not knitting, (only because I was trying to eat nachos), but a friend saw the knitting in my open backpack and commented err...rather negatively. Like that she was afraid I was about to take it out of my backpack where people would see it. It actually made me wonder if perhaps she would be embarassed? Now this same friend has sat with me on the boat coming back to the island and of course I knit pretty much non-stop from the time we push back until we dock in Avalon. She didn't seem to have any "issues" then so now I have to ask? Is it a matter of location?

I mean, to a knitter the places and times that could not be improved by knitting are few and far between. But for a non-knitter? Does it seem somehow - inappropriate? rude? embarassing? What is it, I really want to know.

As for the friend from last summer - obviously she requires a little education so I will be (ahem) "whipping it out" in her presence at every available opportunity. We'll see if that makes a difference or not.

As for my goal of getting more knitting done - I think ending this post here and logging off the computer would be a good start!

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