Friday, August 8, 2008

Just add a little magic

I like checking out all the newest patterns uploaded to Ravelry and by far my favorite this week is the Ice Cream Pint Cozy (non-rav link).  Because I don't mind admitting, ice cream consumption plays a large part of my summer survival strategy.  As I've whined mentioned in the past, my apartment is a sweltering hotbox.  But no matter how many thermal window covers or strategically placed fans I use, all it really takes to cool me down is a few spoonfuls of frozen goodness.  I also don't mind admitting that in the tradition of those who live alone, I don't usually bother with scooping it into a bowl and just eat from the pint.  So I could get a lotta use out of that particular knitted item!

Earlier this week someone reminded me about a product I hadn't seen since childhood, and didn't even know was still made -  Magic Shell.  Apparently there are now several flavors of this product but even just considering the original chocolate flavor my adult mind can come up with all sorts of yummy ideas that never occurred to me the last time I tried it!  I was doubtful that our tiny grocery store carried Magic Shell, but after a search of the shelves I was rewarded.

So if you take this:

And combine it with this:

You get:


Sonia said...

Very funny! I forgot all about the pure joy that is Magic Shell...thanks for the reminder!

Wool Enough said...

I will definitely be knitting the Ice Cream Pint Cozy. But then I'll need a pattern for an Ice Cream Quart Cozy. And what about an Ice Cream Half Gallon Cozy?

Sheepish Annie said...

My dad is a huge fan of Magic Shell. I sort of prefer my toppings to be all runny. But, either way, I eat it out of the carton. Why wash a bowl when a spoon is so much smaller?

Carolyn (sea mystery) said...

Loved using Magic Shell for a long time. Just love that crack when you put a lot on and wait for it to harden. Great YouTube music too, Kath. Thanks for sharing and for coming over to vist me. xxoo

Mia said...

oh yeah, that's what I need, the freezer calleth!!

Logan said...

Magic Shell! I haven't even thought about that stuff in years!

The only thing better than Magic Shell is Fluff.