Friday, August 1, 2008

O is for Olive

I'd like to introduce you to someone special!  Olive is a lovely fluffy black Giant Schnauzer.  She is also the recipient of  a rather unique dog accessory I knitted up at the beginning of the summer.  Here she is looking sort of sad, with her teeny little nekkid ankle and paw:

Look,  all better now, and looking ever so spiffy, sporting her brand new "Faux Paw"!

Can you tell which leg has Fun Fur and which is Original Olive Fur? Shhhh...don't tell, it's a secret!

Olive has taught me a lot about big dog life.  Big dog = big voice, big toys, big walks, big tricks, big enthusiasm, big love!

And at the end of day:

Big sleep!  (Awwww....idn't she cute?)

As wonderful as I think Olive is, I think it's only fair to give someone else a little blog time also.

Meet Pepper!  She's a year younger than Olive and I haven't spent as much time with her, but together she and Olive make quite a pair.

I mean, how would you like to have a set of bookends like this in your living room?

Can you tell which is Olive and which is Pepper? 


Knit with it said...

oh my gosh, kath did you adopt them? they're adorable. schnauzers are a lot of fun, very silly. :)

Kath said...

No - those aren't my dogs! But I just re-read what i wrote last night and I can see how someone might think that! Olive belongs to a good friend of mine, and Pepper to her daughter. As wonderful as those dogs are - believe me, a Giant Schnauzer would never fit in my teeny tiny apartment, never mind two!

Sheepish Annie said...

I love, love. love the "paw cozy!" What a great idea and I'll just bet that Olive was grateful for the assist!

brendacknits said...

These are beautiful dogs! It's great that you can love them and borrow them, too!

Hope you are having fun this summer - I love Catalina!

Aunt Kathy said...

Congratulations on winning the kindness contest, and those dogs are so cute