Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Traveling Scarf Project: update

Way back in June I explained the Traveling Scarf Project I signed up for, and a day or so later the group of 15 participants jumped to 17.  Thankfully, the group's moderator closed the group at that point or we might be knitting on these scarves well into the new year!

By the end of August I passed the halfway point and posted pictures of each scarf section I had worked on. The scarves continued to visit me through September and October, there was a bit of a break for a few weeks, and then at the end of November my "upstream partner" contacted me to let me know she had the last 3 scarves I needed to work on, and ask if I'd mind receiving them all at once? With NaBloPoMo ending that week, the timing was perfect so I told her to go ahead and send them.  Living in mostly sunny SoCal, my need for a scarf is minimal but I think the group members in other climates were ready for warm, colorful scarves. Plus, with the finish line getting so close, I think folks were starting to get a little anxious to cross it so I figured the least I could do was a little power knitting to help.

Scarf #10 belonged to doulton:

She's our most excellent group moderator and on her scarf I did one of my favorites, a waving cable design using my longtime fave yarn, Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in the "Turkish Olive" colorway, which to me looks like a nice forest green.

Scarf #11 belonged to yarnnymph:

I used the same yarn as in the previous scarf, but changed the cable pattern.  It didn't turn out looking the way I expected but I think I like it even better! Both this one and the one above had a garter stitch border also.

Scarf #12 belonged to notoriaus:

Yipes...stripes! The notes that came with her scarf suggested stripes as a possibility so that's exactly what I did. Alternating two great colors of Lamb's Pride in basic garter stitch.

Scarf #13 belonged to cjj:

She's the one who sent me the pretty row counter bracelet back in July! She also had a really unique idea and knitted the starting section of her scarf in a neutral color that had small colored flecks in it, and asked each of us to match one of those colors in the sections we added. I had a perfect blue, but since the previous section was also blue, I used a narrow border of green and yellow to set off my section, which was done in a Waffle Rib Stitch.

Scarf #14 belonged to phairisle:

Who is a far more experienced knitter and although my first impulse was to do something fancy, her notes explained that since she lives in a place with real winter weather, lacy stitches were not terribly practical. So I used Lamb's Pride to knit an alternating oblong pattern.

Scarf #15 belongs to deserthooker:

My downstream partner, the one I've been passing scarves on to for all these months! She seemed pretty open so I used two colors of Lamb' Pride in garter stitch stripes again, but this time used a Fibonacci sequence.  I hope she likes it and my house was that scarf's last stop, it's homeward bound now.

So I'm done knitting on other people's scarves now. There's nothing more to do until my very own traveling scarf arrives home from it's long journey!


Ellen Bloom said...

What a great project! I can't wait to see what your scarf looks like.

Logan said...

Yikes, just how much Lamb's Pride do you own??

Sheepish Annie said...

As bad as I am with these sorts of things, I have to admit that it sounds rather nice to have a scarf knit by so many hands. What a cool idea...

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I can't wait to see the finished scarf that you will received. I really liked the cables a lot. You are so good at that! xxoo